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Javier Marco

  • CAST
Performance Name Role
Cast Olivia Delcán Román
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  • CREW
Performance Name Notes
Directed by Javier Marco
Screenplay Belén Sánchez-Arévalo Cortés
Cinematography Julio Cesar Tortuero Martin
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Film Rating Duration Certification
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AUDIENCES UNDER 12 Download signed Film Rating Certification 13 min. 3/6/2017
  • CREW
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  • Film Info
Tag Information
Star-up shooting date 10/15/2016
Ending shooting date 10/15/2016
Locations Spain - Madrid - Madrid - MADRID (Days: 1)
Coslada 28823 Madrid Spain
  • Festivals and Awards
Participation in Festivals Section
Abycine-Festival Internacional De Cine De Albacete (2017) Abycine Cortos
Festival De Cine San Joan D´Alacant (2018) Sección Oficial de Cortometrajes
Festival De Málaga. Cine En Español (2017) Cortometrajes. Ficción Sección Oficial
Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes De Aguilar De Campoo (2017) Sección Oficial

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