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Cuando sólo eran unos niños, Ahmed, Mamadou y Lukman comenzaron una carrera para cambiar su destino. Solos, recorrieron miles de kilómetros de manera ilegal hasta Barcelona, la ciudad de sus sueños. Ya han cumplido los dieciocho años y se quedanfueradel sistema de protección de menores. Ahora luchan contra reloj para conseguir el permiso de trabajo que necesitan para poderse quedar. Solos, en un lugar extraño, deben demostrar que pueden hacerse cargo de su existencia como si fueran adultos.Sufuerza de resistencia será clave para lograr completar la carrera.

As children, Ahmed, Mamadou and Lukman began an endurance race that would change their futures. Without their families, they traveled thousands of kilometers illegally until they reached Barcelona, the city of their dreams. Now at the age of 18,theyare no longer protected by legal measures for minors. They live in a race against time in their attempts to get their needed work permits as quickly as possible. Alone, in an unfamiliar country, they have to demonstrate that they are capable oftakingcare of themselves as if they were mature adults. Their ability to endure the obstacles ahead will be key for them to be able to reach the finish line.

  • CAST
Performance Name Role
Cast Documental/Documentary
Cast Con/With:
Cast Ahmed Kallouf
Cast Mamadou Korka
Cast Lukman Khallid
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  • CREW
Performance Name Notes
Production Marta Ruiz
Directed by Fernández, Isabel
Executive Production Cristina Gironès
Executive Production Jordi Ambròs (Tv3)
Delegate Production Ruth Llòria (Tv3)
Screenplay Isabel Fernández
Cinematography Hernán Pérez ; Carles Mestres ; Bru Toneu ; Horaci García ; David Arasa ; Juan Pablo Chapela
Score Jairo Cataño Reyes
Score Rodolfo Venegas
Score Trébol Rojo
Score Mc Double-S
Film Editing Veronica Rossi
Sound Marc Soldevila
Sound Albert Royo
Visual Effects Gerard Morrón
Other info Graphics:
Other info Gerard Morrón
Research Ana Guitart
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Film Rating Duration Certification
GENERAL AUDIENCES 68 min. 1/13/2014
  • CREW
Tag Information
Year of the Spanish Films Catalogue 2014
Production year 2014
Length Largometraje
Film Formats Digital
Running time 68 minutos
Sound Studios BSO
  • Film Info
Tag Information
Star-up shooting date 7/1/2011
Ending shooting date 6/30/2012
Locations Spain - Barcelona - Barcelona - BARCELONA (Days: 30)
Locations Morocco - MARRUECOS (Days: 1)
Locations Senegal - SENEGAL (Days: 1)
Barcelona 08009 Barcelona Spain
icono Distribucíon Nacional
Barcelona 08009 Barcelona Spain
  • Festivals and Awards
Participation in Festivals Section
Medimed Market 2013
Prix Europa 2013 Categoría documental

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