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Invictus es uno de los mensajeros del Imperio Romano. Su objetivo es llevar un mensaje a Roma junto a su cuñado, pero la cosa se tuerce y provoca una serie de situaciones caóticas.

Invictus is one of the messengers of the Roman Empire. His aim was to take a message to Rome to his brother-in-law, but things go wrong, leading to a series of chaotic situations.

  • CAST
Performance Name Role
Cast Pepe Reina
Cast José Marín
Cast Paco Sagarzazu
Cast Chani Martín
Cast Juan Fran Dorado
Cast Jacinto Álvaro
Cast Pablo Pinedo
Cast Carmen Muñoz
Cast Francisco Arroyo
Cast Pedro Carro
Cast Isabel Vargas
Cast José Manuel Moya
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  • CREW
Performance Name Notes
Production Luis Manso
Directed by Fesser, Javier
Line Production Luis Fernández
Screenplay Claro García Martínez
Screenplay Javier Fesser
Cinematography Jose Juan Graf
Film Editing Javier Fesser
Production Design - Art Direction César Macarrón
Costume Patricia Walker
Sound Mixer José María Bloch
Sound Design James Muñoz
Assistant Director Sara Makiarán
Make-up José Antonio Sánchez
Hairdressing Paquita Nuñez
Visual Effects Ferrán Piquer
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Film Rating Duration Certification
GENERAL AUDIENCES 16 min. 4/8/2013
  • CREW
Tag Information
Year of the Spanish Films Catalogue 2013
Production year 2013
Length Cortometraje
Running time 16 minutos
Alcobendas 28108 Madrid Spain

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