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Un grupo de extraterrestres busca conquistar nuevos mundos y se fija especialmente en la Tierra, tras obsesionarse con las transmisiones de programas de televisión de un famoso panda. (39 Escalones)

"Panda vs. Aliens" follows a group of aliens who land on an animal planet and seek the power of a panda whom they’ve seen through satellite broadcasts of a TV show. (Arcana)

  • CAST
Performance Name Role
Cast Animación / Animation
Cast Chevy Chase King Karoth
Cast Scott Mcneil Duke and Crusher (Voz / Voice)
Cast Ashleigh Ball Penny (Voz / Voice)
Cast Dan Payne Bruno (Voz / Voice)
Cast Sean O´Reilly Pandy (Voz / Voice)
Cast Sara Beck Sally/Civillian (Voz / Voice)
Cast Andrew Gray Gerald (Voz / Voice)
Cast Davild Milchard Joss and Samrott (Voz / Voice)
Cast Kiefer O´Reilly Civil (Voz / Voice)
Cast Geoff Guftanson Martin
Cast Adam Lasher Sylvester
Cast Summer O´Reilly Glider
Show full cast
  • CREW
Performance Name Notes
Directed by Sean Patrick O´Reilly
Production Michelle O´Reilly
Executive Production Stan Lee
Executive Production Reyna Ibañez
Executive Production Gill Champion
Executive Production Sridam Das
Executive Production Kelly Mi Li
Associate Production Adam Lasher
Line Production Brady Keeler
Production Manager Laura Cristina De Armas
Screenplay Sean Patrick O´Reilly
Score Odei Roca
Film Editing Chris Trinth
Film Editing José Alfonso
Sound Design Chris Hobbs
Assistant Director Darío Sánchez
Special Effects Andrea Sebastiá
Post-Production Supervisor Marcos G. Granja
Production assistants Yaiza Ramos
Colour Grading Rob Nielson
Other info Gary Yuen Diseñador de personajes
Animation Skylar Zerr Director de animación
Animation Kevin Thorpe Jefe de animación
Animation Maximino Díaz Jefe de animación
Animation Mac Cashman
Animation Nancy Dhillon
Animation Lenio Figuereido
Animation Allen Hao
Animation Carlos Isaza
Animation Mitchel Ludford
Animation Abe Morsy
Animation Michael Phung
Animation Frank Poon
Animation Amy Pullen
Animation Ronell Roldan
Animation Jimmy Seng
Animation Jj Wu
Animation Billy Zhao
Animation Tomás Ariño
Animation Lorenzo Casas
Animation Francisco Freire
Animation Alberto Mato
Animation Yeray López
Show full crew
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Film Rating Duration Certification
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AUDIENCES UNDER 7 Download signed Film Rating Certification 80 min. 10/22/2020
  • CREW
Tag Information
Film Formats 2K - Color
  • Film Info
Tag Information
Star-up shooting date 7/1/2020
Ending shooting date 9/30/2020
Locations Canada - CANADÁ (Days: 90)
  • Other Titles of the Movie
Tag Information
Other titles Panda contra Aliens
Candelaria 38530 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain
icono Distribucíon Nacional
Madrid 28003 Madrid Spain

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