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  • CAST
Performance Name Role
Cast Reinhold, Judge.
Cast Savage, Fred.
Cast Bohrer, Corinne.
Cast Kurtz, Swoosie.
Cast Kaczmarek, Jane.
Cast Proval, David.
Cast Prince, William.
Cast Gifford, Gloria.
Cast Archer, Beverly.
Cast Murphy, Harry.
Cast O´Rourke, Kevin.
Cast Kind, Richard.
Cast Lucia, Chip.
Cast Naidu. Ajay.
Cast Rosario, Raymond.
Cast Baskin, Elya.
Cast Hong, James.
Cast Lynch, Jane.
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  • CREW
Performance Name Notes
Directed by Gilbert, Brian
Directed by Segunda Unidad: Kleven, Max
Screenplay Clement, Dick
Screenplay La Frenais, Ian
Plot Clement, Dickla Frenais, Ian
Cinematography Baggot, King
Cinematography Segunda Unidad: Birch, Bill
Score Shire, David
Score Canciones: Warren, Diane
Score Zane, Mick
Score Behn, Mark
Score Neal, James
Score Sabu, Paul
Score Thorogoood, George
Score James, Tommy
Score Cordell, Richie
Score Gentry, Bo
Score Bloom, Bobby
Film Editing Garfield, David
Other info Montaje Adicional: Coughlin, Cari
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Film Rating Duration Certification
GENERAL AUDIENCES 100 min. 12/12/1988
  • CREW
Tag Information
Production year 1988
Length Largometraje
Film Formats 35 milimetros
Running time Original: 00098 minutos
Emulsion Color DeLuxe
Aspect ratio Panavision
icono Distribucíon Nacional
Barcelona Barcelona Spain

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