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  • CAST
Performance Name Role
Cast Fox, Michale J.
Cast Chistopher, Lloyd.
Cast Thompson, Lea.
Cast Glover, Crispin.
Cast Wilson, Thomas F.
Cast Wells, Claudia.
Cast Macclure, Marc.
Cast Sperber, Wendie Jo.
Cast Dicenzo, George.
Cast Mccain, Frances Lee.
Cast Tolkan, James.
Cast Cohen, Jeffrey Jay.
Cast Siemaszko, Casey.
Cast Zane, Billy.
Cast Waters Jr., Harry.
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  • CREW
Performance Name Notes
Directed by Zemeckis, Robert
Directed by Segunda Unidad: Marshall, Frank
Screenplay Zemeckis, Robert Gale, Bob
Plot Zemeckis, Robert Gale, Bob
Cinematography Cundey, Dean
Cinematography Segunda Unidad: Stella, Raymond
Score Silvestri, Alan
Score Canciones: Lewis, Huey Hayes, Chris Colla, Johnny
Score Hopper, Sean Clapton, Eric Buckingham, Lindsey Ballard, F. D
Film Editing Schmidt, Arthur Keramidas, Harry
Other info Efectos Especiales: Suits, Steve Pike, Kimberley Adams, Sam
Other info Chronister, Richard Klinger, William
Other info Efectos Visuales: Industrial Light And Magic
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Film Rating Duration Certification
GENERAL AUDIENCES 116 min. 9/25/1985
Video Rating Runtime Certification
GENERAL AUDIENCES 110 min. seg. 11/7/2000
  • CREW
Tag Information
Production year 1985
Length Largometraje
Film Formats 35 MILIMETROS
Running time Original: 00116 minutos
Emulsion Technicolor
icono Distribucíon Nacional
Madrid 28046 Madrid Spain
Madrid 28046 Madrid Spain
Barcelona 08035 Barcelona Spain
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Una presentacion de Steven SpielbergOscar 1986 a los Mejores Efectos de Sonido: Charles L. Campbell yRobert Rutledge

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