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Ibon Cormenzana


Marcos, Sandra y su hija Lola forman una familia vital y carismática. Marcos, bombero de profesión y acostumbrado a vivir situaciones límite, recibirá un duro golpe que hará que su vida dé un giro inesperado. A partir de entonces, sufrirá un bloqueo que no le permitirá reconocer las emociones de los demás ni empatizar con ellos. Con la ayuda de los suyos, iniciará un tratamiento para superar este shock. En el camino para volver a sentir, su hija Lola será la clave para reconstruir de nuevo su universo. Un largometraje sobre las emociones, el miedo a sentir y sobre la VIDA.

Marcos, Sandra and their daughter Lola are a charismatic and loving family. As a fireman, Marcos is used to living life on the edge, but after a tragic event takes place, his life takes an unexpected and unwelcome turn. Suddenly, the once caring, altruistic fireman finds himself unable to recognise or empathize with the feelings of others.
With the help of those around him, Marcos will start treatment to overcome the shock. His daughter Lola will play a key role in helping him rebuild his world and learn to feel again.
HAPPY SAD is a story about overcoming the obstacles life throws at us, but it's also a story of love, LOVE with capital letters; love for your partner, love for your children, love for your friends... A movie about emotions, the fear of feeling and LIFE.

  • CAST
Performance Name Role
Cast Roberto Álamo
Cast Manuela Vellés Casariego
Cast Claudia Placer Femia
Cast Carlos Bardem
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  • CREW
Performance Name Notes
Production Ibon Cormenzana
Production Ignasi Estapé
Production Jérôme Vidal
Directed by Ibon Cormenzana
Screenplay Ibon Cormenzana
Screenplay Jordi Vallejo Duarri
Cinematography Albert Pascual Roca
Score Lucas Vidal
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Film Rating Duration Certification
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AUDIENCES UNDER 12 Download signed Film Rating Certification 98 min. 10/24/2018
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NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AUDIENCES UNDER 7 1 min. 56 seg. 2/22/2018
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Tag Information
Star-up shooting date 7/17/2017
Ending shooting date 8/29/2017
Locations Spain - Madrid - Madrid - MADRID (Days: 11)
Locations Spain - Navarra - Pamplona/Iruña - PAMPLONA (Days: 24)
Pamplona/Iruña 31002 Navarra Spain
Barcelona 08005 Barcelona Spain
icono Distribucíon Nacional
Sant Cugat del Vallès 08172 Barcelona Spain
icono Distribucíon Nacional
Hospitalet de Llobregat, L' 08908 Barcelona Spain
  • Festivals and Awards
Participation in Festivals Section
Festival De Sevilla (2018) Special Screening

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