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  • CAST
Performance Name Role
Cast Schwarzenegger, Arnold.
Cast Curtis, Jamie Lee.
Cast Arnold, Tom.
Cast Paxton, Bill.
Cast Carrere, Tia.
Cast Malik, Art.
Cast Dushku, Aliza.
Cast Heslov, Grant.
Cast Manesh, Marshall.
Cast Heston, Charlton.
Cast Allen, James.
Cast Rauter, Dieter.
Cast Morris, Jane.
Cast Chappell, Katsy.
Cast Wyler, Crystina.
Cast Samra, Ofer.
Cast Barselou, Paul.
Cast Tamburro, Chuck.
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  • CREW
Performance Name Notes
Directed by Cameron, James.
Directed by Segunda Unidad: Foerster, E.J.
Directed by Wilder, Glenn.
Screenplay Cameron, James.
Screenplay Supervisión: Reynolds, Sharron.
Plot Zidi, Claude.Michael, Simon.Kaminka, Didier.
Cinematography Carpenter, Russell.
Cinematography Fotografía Submarina: Romano, Peter.
Cinematography Fotografía Aérea: Butler, David L.
Score Fiedel, Brad.
Score Dirección Musical: Walker, Shirley.
Score Canciones: 'I Never Though I´D See The Day' De Sade Adu Y
Score Leroy Asbourne.
Score 'Alone In The Dark' De John Hiatt.
Score 'Sunshine Of Your Love' De Pete Brown, Jack Bruce Y
Score Eric Clapton.
Score 'More Than A Woman' De B. Gibb, R. Gibb Y M. Gibb.
Score 'Por Una Cabeza' De Carlos Gardel.
Score 'Entity' De Mother Tongue.
Score Extractos De: 'Danubio Azul' De Johann Strauss.
Film Editing Buff, Conrad.
Film Editing Goldblatt, Mark.
Film Editing Harris, Richard A.
Other info Productor: Cameron, James.
Other info Austin, Stephanie.
Other info Productor Asociado: Easley, Pamela.
Other info Productor Ejecutivo: Shriver, Robert.
Other info Sanchini, Rae.
Other info Kasanoff, Lawrence.
Other info Diseño De Producción: Lamont, Peter.
Other info Dirección Artística: Laing, Robert.
Other info Novotny, Michael.
Other info Diseño De Decorados: Hodges, Joseph.
Other info Decorados: Carr, Cindy.
Other info Efectos Especiales: Fisher, Thomas L. (Coordinación).
Other info Fisher, Scott R. (Coordinación).
Other info Efectos Visuales: Digital Domain.
Other info Bruno, John (Supervisión).
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Film Rating Duration Certification
Video Rating Runtime Certification
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AUDIENCES UNDER 18 141 min. seg. 5/10/2010
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AUDIENCES UNDER 18 141 min. seg. 12/27/2000
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AUDIENCES UNDER 18 145 min. seg. 11/7/2000
  • CREW
Tag Information
Production year 1994
Length Largometraje
Film Formats 35 milimetros
Running time 00141 minutos.
Emulsion Color: CFI
Aspect ratio Scope.
icono Distribucíon Nacional
Madrid 28046 Madrid Spain

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