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1976. Un seminarista regresa a su pueblo y se encuentra con que, en la aldea vecina, se ha instalado una comuna alternativa, que despierta recelos en las fuerzas vivas. Intentando convertirlos, termina integrándose en la comuna; descubriendo losvaloresde una forma de vida alternativa, y el amor, con todo el gozo y el dolor que causa.

Breixo, a successful writer of 55 years, returns to Vilamor 33 years after leaving. Vilamor was then-newly established democracy after years of dictatorship closed- a village abandoned in the mountains in Lugo, which had just set up a commune ofyoungpeople who wanted to live an alternative lifestyle to society. And Breixo was then a young seminarian vacation in his hometown, near Vilamor, which is attracted to that group of men and women -and one in particular, Sonia, of falling in love- thatrehabilitate the village, looking for return to rural life and doing without private property; in a lifestyle that Breixo seems very close to the ideal of Christian society. Therefore he defends them, when the commune generates great hostility inthevital forces of his people, and after his failed attempt to reconcile their religious ideals with communal lifestyle, Breixo leaves the seminary and is integrated into the commune, which, despite the difficulties, manages to get by. But a seriousmisunderstanding of Breixo love with Sonia, he does finally leave. Thirty-three years later, the life experience of that time has fueled his success as a writer, but still feels the void left by Sonia and eternal values which defended the commune.

  • CAST
Performance Name Role
Cast Rubén Riós Breixo
Cast Sabela Arán Sonia
Cast Xoel Yáñez Hermes
Cast Paulo Serantes Froilán
Cast Santi Romay Bento
Cast Déborah Vukusic Comba
Cast Carlos Villaverde Uxío
Cast Marta Lado Adelaida
Cast Marcos Pereiro Alán
Cast Tamara Canosa Helena
Cast Sheila Fariña Elsa
Cast Uxía González Cora
Cast Rubén Prieto Brais
Cast María Rodríguez Catuxa
Cast Manuel Lourenzo Don Aurelio
Cast Mayka Braña Amalia
Cast César Cambeiro Baltasar
Cast Manuel Cortés Amador
Cast Mela Casal Anuncia
Cast Luis Iglesia Breixo adulta
Cast Belén Constenla Sonia adulta
Cast Sheila Carbia Navia
Cast Ricardo De Barreiro Luis
Cast Juan Francisco Nuñez Don Pedro
Cast Santi Prego Carteiro
Cast Noa Rodríguez Noa
Cast María Roja Catuxa
Cast Jorge Taboada Martiño
Cast Tatán Don Avelino
Cast Nuncy Valcárcel Concha
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  • CREW
Performance Name Notes
Production Marina Fariñas Pérez
Directed by Vilar, Ignacio
Executive Production Daniel Froiz
Production Manager Alberto Tomé
Screenplay Carlos Asorey
Screenplay Ignacio Vilar
Cinematography Alberto Díaz 'Bertitxi'
Score Zeltia Montes
Film Editing Guillermo Represa
Production Design - Art Direction Curru Garabal
Costume María Fandiño
Sound Xavier Souto
Sound Diego S. Staub
Make-up Chica Blanco
Make-up Paco Martínez
Hairdressing Chica Blanco
Hairdressing Paco Martínez
Special Effects Ramón Rubina
Other info Fotofija / Still Photographer:
Other info Xurxo Lobato
Other info Asesor De Actores / Cast Consultant:
Other info Ermel Morales
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Film Rating Duration Certification
Video Rating Runtime Certification
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AUDIENCES UNDER 12 122 min. seg. 11/16/2012
Grant Amount
Grants - Amortisation of Feature Films - General 426,728.05 €
  • CREW
Tag Information
Year of the Spanish Films Catalogue 2012
Production year 2012
Length Largometraje
Film Formats 35 mm.
Original version Gallego (v.o.) / Galician (o.v.)
Running time 122 minutos
Original footage 3.328 metros
Aspect ratio Panorámico 1:1,85
  • Film Info
Tag Information
Star-up shooting date 2/18/2011
Ending shooting date 8/5/2011
Locations Spain - LUGO (Days: 3)
Petín 32356 Ourense Spain
icono Distribucíon Nacional
Petín 32356 Ourense Spain
  • Festivals and Awards
Awards Section Person / Company
Festival Internacional De Cine Para La Paz, La Inspiración Y La Igualdad En Yakarta (Indonesia) Galardón a la excelencia
New York City International Film Festival 2012 Mejor fotografía y mejor banda sonora
Premios Mestre Mateo Del Audiovisual Gallego 2013 Mejor actriz protagonista (Sabela Arán) y Mejor fotografía

Participation in Festivals Section
35 Festival Internacional De Cine De El Cairo Sección World Cinema
Festival Internacional De Cine Para La Paz, La Inspiración Y La Igualdad En Yakarta (Indonesia)
New York City International Film Festival 2012

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