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  • CAST
Performance Name Role
Cast Docudrama.
Cast Repi.
Cast Matahi.
Cast Hitu.
Cast Jean.
Cast Jules.
Cast Kong Ah.
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  • CREW
Performance Name Notes
Directed by Murnau, F. W.
Directed by Colaboracion: Flaherty, Robert J.
Screenplay Murnau, F. W. Flaherty, Roberto J.
Plot Murnau, F. W. Flaherty, Robert J.
Cinematography Crosby, Floyd
Cinematography Adicional: Flaherty, Robert J.
Score Riesenfeld, Hugo
Film Editing Flaherty, Robert J. Murnau, F. W.
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  • CREW
Tag Information
Production year 1931
Length Largometraje
Film Formats 35 milimetros
Running time Original: 00084 minutos
Emulsion Blanco y negro
Aspect ratio Normal

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