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  • CAST
Performance Name Role
Cast Hanks, Tom.
Cast Wright, Robin.
Cast Sinise, Gary.
Cast Williamson, Mykelti.
Cast Field, Sally.
Cast Williams, Rebecca.
Cast Humphreys, Michael Conner.
Cast Herthum, Harold.
Cast Kelly, George.
Cast Penny, Rob.
Cast Randall, John.
Cast Anderson, Sam.
Cast Moorer, Margo.
Cast Telech, Ione M.
Cast Seabrook, Christine.
Cast Worsham, John.
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  • CREW
Performance Name Notes
Directed by Zemeckis, Robert.
Directed by Segunda Unidad: Starkey, Steve.
Screenplay Roth, Eric.
Plot Basado En La Novela De Winston Groom.
Cinematography Burgess, Don.
Cinematography Segunda Unidad: Dunlap, David M.
Score Silvestri, Alan.
Score Canciones: 'Lovesick Blues' De Cliff Friend, Irving Mills
Score Interpretada Por Hank Williams.
Score 'Hound Dog De Jerry Leiber Y Mike Stoller.
Score 'Rebel Rouser' De Duane Eddy Y Lee Hazlewood
Score Interpretada Por Duane Eddy.
Score '(Don´T Know Why) But I Do' De Paul Gayten Y
Score Robert Guidry Interpretada Por Clarence 'Frogman'
Score Henry.
Score 'Walk Right In' De H. Woods, Gus Cannon, Bill
Score Svanoe Y Eric Darling Interpretada Por The Rooftop
Score Singers.
Score (Entre Otras).
Film Editing Schmidt, Arthur.
Other info Productor: Finerman, Wendy.
Other info Tisch, Steve.
Other info Starkey, Steve.
Other info Coproductor: Newirth, Charles.
Other info Diseño De Producción: Carter, Rick.
Other info Dirección Artística: Mcdonald, Leslie.
Other info Teegarden, Jim.
Other info Diseño De Decorados: Kemp, Eric.
Other info Feng, James C.
Other info Lapp, Elizabeth.
Other info Polizzi, Lauren E.
Other info Decorados: Haigh, Nancy.
Other info Efectos Especiales: Foster, Steven C.
Other info Hardesty, Ray O.
Other info Merlin, Bruce E.
Other info Hall, Matthew.
Other info Efectos Visuales Especiales: Industrial Light And Magic.
Other info Ralston, Ken (Supervisión).
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Film Rating Duration Certification
GENERAL AUDIENCES 142 min. 9/16/1994
Video Rating Runtime Certification
GENERAL AUDIENCES 137 min. seg. 7/31/1995
  • CREW
Tag Information
Production year 1994
Length Largometraje
Film Formats 35 milimetros
Running time 00142 minutos.
Emulsion Color: Technicolor. Copias DeLuxe.
Aspect ratio Panavision.
icono Distribucíon Nacional
Madrid 28046 Madrid Spain
  • Comments

- Premios:- Oscar 1994: Película, Director, Actor Principal,Guión Adaptado, Montaje y Efectos Visuales.

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