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Eduardo Casanova


"La Piedad" es una historia de un extraño amor incondicional, una historia de terror, un melodrama enfermizo con tintes de thriller, donde la obsesión, la dependecia, la maternidad, el control, el miedo y el poder componen a personajes muy oscuros que aparentan ser todo lo contrario. (Barton Films)

Lili and Mateo are mother and son who have a profound relationship of mutual dependence. The indulge in their suffocating reality until one of them is diagnosed with a fatal illness. The mere idea of separation causes them to develop their darkest and most toxic version of themselves.
"La Pietà" is about power, and submission then to the extreme; about the capacity and need human begins have to control their own creation, other people, and even an entire country. A universal story about how to separate ourselves from our roots: abandoning everything to evolve or to save ourselves, even knowing that the darkest part of us we leave behind stays with us, in our DNA. (Film Factory Entertainment, S.L.)

  • CAST
Performance Name Role
Cast Ángela Molina
Cast Manel Llunell
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  • CREW
Performance Name Notes
Directed by Eduardo Casanova
Screenplay Eduardo Casanova
Cinematography Luis Ángel Pérez
Score Pedro Onetto
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Film Rating Duration Certification
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AUDIENCES UNDER 16 Download signed Film Rating Certification 84 min. 12/15/2022
Trailer Rating Runtime Certification
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AUDIENCES UNDER 12 Download signed Trailer Rating Certification 1 min. 39 seg. 12/15/2022
Grant Amount
Grants - Production of Feature Films - Selective 317,570.33 €
  • CREW
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  • Film Info
Tag Information
Star-up shooting date 3/18/2021
Ending shooting date 11/15/2022
Locations Spain - Sevilla - Sevilla - Isla Mayor (Days: 3)
Locations Spain - Madrid - Madrid - Pza. Castilla. Faculad de medicina (Days: 6)
Locations Spain - Madrid - Villaviciosa de Odón - Plató (Days: 22)
Madrid 28004 Madrid Spain
Madrid 28004 Madrid Spain
Alcalá de Guadaira 41500 Sevilla Spain
Barcelona 08024 Barcelona Spain
Website: www.link-up.es
icono Distribucíon Nacional
Bilbao 48001 Vizcaya Spain
icono Distribucíon Nacional
Barcelona 08006 Barcelona Spain
  • Festivals and Awards
Awards Section Person / Company
Fantastic Fest Austin (2022) Fantastic Features - Mejor película sección oficial / Best Feature Film Official Selection
Kviff Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (2022) Proxima Competition - Premio especial del Jurado - Proxima / Proxima Special Jury Prize
Premios Feroz (2023) Premio Feroz Arrebato de Ficción / Arrebato Award - Fiction - Premio Feroz / Feroz Award

Participation in Festivals Section
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (2022) European Competition
Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (2022) Bucheon Choice
Fantasia International Film Festival (2022) Regard sur leas films de genre queer
Fantasia International Film Festival (2022) Sélection 2022
Festival De Cine Global Dominicano (2023) Fuera de Competencia
Iffi International Film Festival Of India, Goa (2022) Cine Internacional / International Cinema
Premios Goya (2023) Nominación Mejor dirección artística / Best Production Design Nominee
Premios Goya (2023) Nominación Mejor diseño de vestuario / Best Costume Design Nominee
Premios Goya (2023) Nominación Mejor maquillaje y peluquería / Best Makeup and Hairstyling Nominee
Rizoma - Festival Internacional De Cine & Cultura Entrelazada (2022) Cine Nacional
Rizoma - Festival Internacional De Cine & Cultura Entrelazada (2022) Estrenos Especiales
Sevilla Festival De Cine Europeo (2022) Eventos Especiales
Sitges Festival Internacional De Cinema Fantàstic De Catalunya (2022) Oficial Fantàstic Competición
Torino Film Festival (2022) Concorso Lungometraggi

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